Data Processing Services

An Overview Of Data Processing Services

CC has been offering data processing services based on its TIPOT methodology. Some of the popular services in the data processing field are Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Data Standardization, Image Processing, Billing, Logistic Support and Payroll Processing

Data Entry Services.

In today’s changing business world, accurate and reliable data entry has a major part to play in generating meaningful information in order to make wise business decisions. As a result, every business seeking to leverage the power of data must engage itself in top-quality and perfect data entry. We at CC have assisted several businesses worldwide in this capacity for more than 5 years, focusing on data entry, data conversion and other related services, with an extensive base of expertise in the data entry industry, when compared to other companies in the market nowadays. As a distinguished data entry service provider, we offer all the industries with accurate and reliable data entry services. We make use of state-of-the-art technology, advanced skills as well as refined processes formulated to present the most targeted, precise solutions.

Our team can easily handle large volumes of data entry tasks that you outsource to us and can help you in alleviating your administrative burdens and overhead costs by up to 60%. Our team is methodically trained to ensure that an accuracy rate of 98.9% is maintained throughout. By outsourcing data entry to CC, you can save money and time and free up staff to make sure that your core business tasks get their due attention. We meticulously evaluate the data based on your requirements and then provide the final output within the specified timeline. All the tasks accomplished by us undergo extensive quality control checks before being sent to you.

CC Team can help convert image-based and hard copy forms into digital formats throughout the spectrum of industries such as transport, insurance, travel, finance, research and banking.

We have worked with different clients and on different projects and processed a considerable number of forms for them in the past few years. We can scale up when required to process even a higher number of forms than we do currently. We maintain nearly 100% accuracy while achieving all of that.

We at CC, use various automated and manual processes to interpret, capture, process and transform disconnected data forms such as machine print, handprint and cursive into assets for your business

Our team can process non-structured as well as structured forms, and can design and implement a solution for you, irrespective of whether you require forms with simple structure in columnar or tabular format or non-structured and complex forms such as surveys or questionnaires. We can process forms by entering data manually or through tools, depending on the media, forms, formats and templates.

An Overview of Our Forms Processing Services

  • Retrieval of documents
  • Design of forms
  • Warehousing of documents
  • Manual capture of forms Data
  • Automatic capture of forms data
  • Scanning of forms

Our Outsourcing Services Typically Handle Forms Such as

  • Mail orders
  • Accident reports
  • Tax returns
  • Market research
  • Loan applications
  • Airway bills
  • Surveys
  • Medical claims
  • License forms
  • Enrolment/application forms
  • Subscriptions
  • Medical product orders

Data Analysis Services

Today's economy is driven by technology and there exists data on how every person spends his/her life. Whether you're carrying out a social experiment or running a business, there is something to be studied from that data, but being aware of what to do with that heap of information is a big task intrinsically. Determining how to conclusively dig through data to draw conclusions which can support your cause is a significant but daunting task to take up, but with CC's Data Analysis Services, it becomes quite feasible for you to sort through all the answers that are hidden in the apparently unlimited amount of data. We extend thorough data analysis services that allow you to effectively interpret cardinal points of your respective industry and help make educated decisions depending upon the hard facts collected by our experts.

Data Mining Services

Data mining is not a one-time practice; it’s a function - a continuous progression of discovery and interpretation. It’s a process that figures out new and purposeful patterns in your compiled data, patterns you can utilize to deal with complex business questions that need foresight and inference. And it’s a process that calls for a distinct set of abilities and assets. Data mining can assist analysts make well-informed decisions and choosing the best data mining company will surely have an instant effect on the prosperity of your business. Luckily, we at CC provide self-service data analytics to niche analysts that facilitate them all through the data mining process.

Many companies with a strong interest in customers, like those from marketing, retail, communications and financial sectors, choose us as their data mining service provider. You can correlate factors like customer demographics, competition, economic indicators etc. with staff skills, product positioning, price and other internal factors through data mining. Our data mining services can also help you determine the effect these factors can have on your bottom line, customer satisfaction and sales. Association, regression, clustering & classification are among the standard practices and techniques we use. Our team can handle data sets of any volume and size. Using cutting-edge tools and with well-defined processes, we can even access data that cannot be reached through leading search engines.